About Steven Dix

Working mostly with Acrylics on canvas, the DIX style captures the essence of Australian colours and nature. Korea's number #1 art collector sums the DIX style in 2 words - "vulnerability overflows". "The objective of my art, is to remove the walls and perceived boundaries around us, 'which of course', are often there to serve a purpose with the elements of life, through art. We don't look at the what anymore, we see the art and the messages held within." DIX Less


For the most part, Steven grew up within a more industrial environment only a breath away from Toowoomba's Yeast factory, Rail links, Tennis Centre and Base Hospital. Raised by his single mother Daphne from 1978, boredom was all the budget of the 70's and 80's could afford, driving Steven into the arts where he created his own world, at times transforming his own bedroom into a world of art with spiderweb ceilings and wall to wall pop art.

He indulged in painting, music, model art and craftwork to escape the drudgery of the outside world.

Steven has been an innovator and creator all his life. Remarkably using his abilities in most disciplines to earn a living from his talent. Steven has successfully combined artistic abilities with financial stability marrying digital art and a career in the creative industries. Being a

full time artist has always been a reality with the recent embrace of other disciplines in a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theatre at Griffith University (2005). Steven's energy for the creative has taken in work the entertainment industry through a number of expressions from painting, set design, CD artwork, music writing and producing, photography, motion pictures, acting, theatre, websites and more....

Artist Statement

My work is a direct representation of who I am, what I see, think and feel about the world that surrounds me. Generally, I am not concerned about fine details, or exact reproductions of life, but instead a transfer of the weathered, aged, stressed, and tortured elements that represent the imperfect world in which I live. My passion is for the visual contrasts and surprising combinations of colour and texture. Each work I create is a reflection of our world through my eyes and my life ... my history. Less